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Sales Outsourcing

Recent research indicates that complementary expertise and the ability to quickly respond to the specific company needs are the most important motives of companies to look for outside sales and marketing help. The expertise is not always present internally; hence it is searched outside the company. But we have seen marketing departments shrink as well in the last few years. Outsourced marketing/ sales services give you access to people and know-how when you need them and when you can afford them. At the same time the market is changing, the competitions does stand still and companies have to be able adapt their strategy and tactics. In this process marketing is an important driving force. But one has to be able to react quickly without overloading its organization. Outsourcing those activities that need that extra attention offers a solution to the problem.

Outsourcing provides you with a channel partner to focus on certain markets and customer sizes, Ame marketing and logistics provide with the hiring, training and management support that can grow your market penetration while maintaining a certain cost to acquire. We can scale up and down as you need and gives you the flexibility you need in ever changing markets.

There are many numbers of reason to outsource part or all your sales function. Some companies leverage outsourced sales to provide them with speed to market, product or market segmentation, new product development, risk management from hiring and firing cost or because they know that sales in mot a core function. No matter what issue you are having with your current sales team, the most important decision in outsourcing sale function in finding a partner that matches your company and cultural values and goals.

We accept that outsourcing is not meant for everyone but if you have more opportunities to sell your product that you can take advantage of outsourcing can deliver growth without the cost or risk of building an entire team.

You will need outsourcing if you want to achieve the following

- You need to focus on core business and products / services

- You are looking to target territories that are underserved

- Your industry is highly competitive and require speed to the market

- You need to lower the cost of new client acquisition

- Your existing sales team need more effective prospecting and lead generation production

- You effectively manage the sales process

- You are struggling to scale your team with the opportunity at hand

- Your management is looking to reduce risk of hiring and employing